Understanding How We can Help We are a full-service personal injury law firm with your best interests in mind. We feel your pain.

How Our Firm Can Help You

Personal Attention from a Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents happen, whether we like it or not. They are simply unavoidable realties of our everyday life. What makes a difference is having a trusted Sacramento personal injury lawyer on your side after your accident to guide you, help you get better, and quickly return you to normal life. That is our goal, plain and simple. We do this in a unique and revolutionary way, the way it should be done: with total focus on you.

Our Focus Is You

From day one, our focus remains on you, the injury victim. This is your case, and you deserve our attention and respect, no matter how big or small your case may be.

You’re seriously injured. Not just bumps, bruises and scrapes, but really injured and you are in pain. Even worse, it’s not your fault. Since your accident, you’ve probably had a stressful conversation or two with an insurance adjuster or bill collector and are wondering “what will I do now?” You need an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you, level the playing field, minimize the anxiety and stress your accident has caused and pursue fair and maximum compensation for your injuries. That is why we are here—that is exactly what we do.

Stress Is a Mess

There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind. What makes us different is that with over 30 years of experience, we understand how devastating accidents can be for people. We understand that injuries not only cause physical pain, but also severe mental stress, worry, and anxiety. Your injuries affect your daily activities, your relationships, and even your ability to work. We know what our clients are experiencing, their concerns, frustrations, and uncertainties. We are here to help.

We Know What You Are Concerned About

With our 30+ years of legal experience, we know your concerns after an accident.

You likely have many questions, such as:

  • “How do I get medical care?”
  • “How will I pay my medical bills?”
  • “How do I get around without a car after my accident?”
  • “Who will pay for my lost wages?”
  • “What will happen after a lawyer takes my case?”
  • “How long will all this take?”

As the great Roman poet Virgil put it: “the greatest wealth is . . . health.” We know your primarily concern is your health and getting better. To help you, we will refer you to the best medical care in the region, those who specialize in your specific injury. This is done with no upfront costs or fees to you. It does not matter if you do not have health insurance, our referred medical providers will still see you and treat your injuries.

The New, Unfriendly “Accident” World

You have been in an unexpected accident. Your life has been turned upside down. Our Sacramento personal injury attorney’s main priority is to minimize the stress caused by the accident and get you better. We do so by taking over your burden and placing it squarely on our shoulders. This enormous burden arises immediately at the time of the accident when you are suddenly and unwillingly thrust into a new “accident” world. This is an unfamiliar word of pain, uncertainty, medical bills, loss of transportation, loss of work, and that dreaded word: insurance. An accident is never expected.

But as stated by author Charles R. Swindoll: “Life is 10% about what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.

The accident world is not user-friendly. It is a world specifically designed to minimize any personal injury claim you have. When you are struck by a vehicle while crossing the street, rear- ended on the freeway, or are involved in a bicycle accident, a series of organizations are suddenly injected into your life that are not there to help you. First, there is the police department. They are often overwhelmed and fail to do a complete and thorough investigation. This can result in an accident report that incorrectly determines you to be at least partially at fault.

Next, you are confronted with your medical providers and their bill collectors. They don’t care if you win or lose your personal injury case, they just want to be paid, now. And then there are the insurance companies whose only function is to keep their money away from you. Why do you think insurance companies have the tallest building in almost every city in the world? For insurance companies, it’s not about fairness or justice, it’s all about the money, and keeping their money from you.

Our Role in Your Accident World

At Miller Injury Attorneys, our goal is relieving the enormous stress that has been suddenly thrust upon you and obtaining maximum compensation for your injuries. We want to get you better as soon as possible so you can move on with your normal life. When this is accomplished, everything else, including full, fair and just compensation for your injuries, will naturally follow.

More importantly, we strive for maximum settlements with minimum client involvement. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers believe that dealing with the police, medical providers, the bill collectors, the insurance companies, and their lawyers is our job, not yours. We lift this huge burden off your shoulders and carry it for you. This allows you to focus solely on getting back to normal. Why else do you hire an attorney? When you have us representing you, you can relax and concentrate on getting better. We substitute stress for peace of mind, replacing your anxiety with calmness, comfort and well-being.

Full Service Personal Injury Law Firm in Sacramento

Following an injury, your focus should be on healing, not dealing with wrongdoers, their insurance companies, or their lawyers. That is where we come into play.

We handle everything for you from start to finish:

  • Immediate medical referrals
  • Dealing with past due medical bills
  • Dealing with the insurance company and their lawyers
  • Helping you get a rental car
  • Ordering your medical records and bills
  • Obtaining wage loss information

When you are injured, you should not have to deal with any of these stressful and time consuming tasks. This is our job. You should be focusing on one thing: getting your health back and moving on with your life. As Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Schweitzer once said: “the purpose of life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” We agree.

We Add Value

Hiring a law firm that adds a unique authority to your case is important. The value we add also distinguishes us from other personal injury law firms in numerous ways.

We stand out from other firms in several ways, including:

  • We only handle personal injury cases and have done so for over 30 years. This is what we do every day.
  • Immediate referral to best medical care in the area at no upfront cost, even if you have no health insurance
  • Negotiated reduction of medical expenses and medical bills.
  • Immediate payment of medical bills already in collections using your med pay.
  • Immediate assistance with obtaining replacement or rental vehicle for alternate transportation.
  • Obtaining full and fair compensation for your injuries, even if the other party is not insured.
  • Obtaining full and fair compensation even if the other party does not have enough insurance proceeds (i.e., a low policy limit).
  • Obtaining compensation for time lost from work without using your sick leave or vacation time

Seasoned Trial Lawyers

We are trial lawyers, and carry that reputation with us. The insurance companies on the other side know it and so do their attorneys. The best results are achieved by lawyers who are prepared to take a case to trial if necessary. Insurance companies are far more likely to settle a case and pay top dollar to a law firm prepared and willing to take a case to trial. We have that reputation and it makes a difference.

While most cases settle before reaching the courtroom, we only advise our clients to accept a settlement which fully compensates them for their injuries. We take an aggressive position on our client’s behalf as trial lawyers to obtain maximum compensation for their personal injury case. Because it is all about you, we don’t settle for convenience. If we have reason to believe the best possible results would be achieved by taking a case to trial, we are ready to do so. Most lawyers fear the courtroom, and shy away from trying cases due to the additional work and time involved. Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys, however, embrace it.

Know Both Sides of Your Case

Besides a reputation as successful and aggressive trial lawyers, Miller Injury Attorneys benefits clients because we used to represent insurance companies. For nearly 15 years, our personal injury lawyers in Sacramento represented insurance companies in the same types of cases it now handles on behalf of its injured clients.

The prior legal representation of insurance companies provides us with valuable insight into how to handle, settle, and try our cases. As one defense lawyer put it: “They know both sides, they can anticipate our next move, they have that insight, they have been there before. That is powerful.”

No Fees or Costs Until We Win

Our attorneys represent clients in personal injury cases on a “contingency fee” basis. In a contingency fee, Miller Injury Attorneys does not charge any attorneys’ fees or upfront costs unless and until you recover money by way of settlement or jury award for your injuries. You already have enough “skin in the game,” we take all the risks. There is absolutely no risk to you.

We are experienced personal injury attorneys who put the needs of our clients at the forefront. If you want an attorney who listens to you, understands your circumstances, has a time proven “roadmap” to success, and is focused on resolving your case quickly and fairly, then hire Miller Injury Attorneys.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Available 24/7

  • Free Consultations

  • No Fees Unless We Win

  • Over 30 Years of Experience

Some Lawyers Fear the Courtroom.
We Embrace It.

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