Recent Cases

  • $3 Million Catastrophic Injury
  • $3 Million Catastrophic Injury
  • $3 Million Mold Injury
  • $2 Million Catastrophic Injury
  • $2 Million Catastrophic Injury
  • $1 Million Toxic Mold
  • $773 Thousand Toxic Mold
  • $720 Thousand Motorcycle Accident
  • $720 Thousand Motorcycle Accident
  • $615 Thousand Respiratory injury.
  • $500 Thousand Auto vs. Pedestrian
  • $500 Thousand Defective medical product.
  • $480 Thousand Mold Injury
  • $405 Thousand Defective construction.
  • $300 Thousand Motorcycle Injury.
  • $275 Thousand Single Car Roll Over
  • $275 Thousand Single Car Rollover
  • $250 Thousand Negligence.
  • $250 Thousand Construction defect with mold.
  • $250 Thousand Contractor Negligence
  • $244 Thousand Sideswipe Auto
  • $244 Thousand Sideswipe automobile accident.
  • $200 Thousand Rear End Auto Collision
  • $200 Thousand Rear end automobile collision
  • $200 Thousand Defective product.
  • $125 Thousand Fall Down Stairs
  • $125 Thousand Fall down stairs.
  • $125 Thousand Rear-end automobile collision.
  • $125 Thousand Rear End Auto Collision
  • $100 Thousand Rear end automobile accident.
  • $100 Thousand Bicycle Accident
  • $100 Thousand Bicycle Accident
  • $100 Thousand Motor vehicle t-bone.
  • $100 Thousand Pedestrian vs. motor vehicle
  • $100 Thousand Pedestrian vs. motor vehicle.

Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney

We Are Not Afraid to Fight for You

When you need a trusted personal injury lawyer in Sacramento, turn to our firm. At Miller Injury Attorneys, our team aggressively pursues the justice our clients deserve. We have an accident injury attorney in Sacramento who is willing to fight for your rights and your case.

When someone causes another person to suffer injury through their own negligence or recklessness, it should never be excused. Clients of our firm are able to rest easy knowing they have a vigorous team of legal professionals fighting for them with 30 years of experience and proven results.

How Much is Your Injury Claim Worth? Learn More from Our PI Firm

When you have been seriously injured, taking the steps to file an injury claim can be overwhelming. Further, it can be hard to distinguish how much your injury claim is worth based on the specific situation and we understand that your injury settlement depends on the unique circumstances leading to your injury.

Insurance companies often used the term "damages" to describe the types of losses that your claim will encounter.

There are two types of damages:

  • Special damages
  • And general damages

In order to receive compensation for your injury, you will need to convince the insurance company that they are liable for the types of damages that you have identified.

This can be hard to do without help from injury lawyers. Experienced Sacramento personal injury attorneys have the knowledge necessary to tell when insurance companies are trying to save money by reducing your claim. Our personal injury lawyer in Sacramento has seen these tactics and can help you fight them. Furthermore, Miller Injury Attorneys can help you understand how to calculate the specific value of your claim based on damages and special circumstances.

Contact our Sacramento personal injury attorneys for more information about how to receive maximum compensation for your pain and suffering!

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Why Hire Us?

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We feel your pain.


If only every personal injury attorney in Sacramento would or could focus on their client's needs. Unfortunately, many local personal injury lawyers have taken on too many clients or do not listen to their clients due to ego.

From the moment you walk through the door at Miller Injury Attorneys, you become our primary focus. We understand that these accidents can be devastating and the aftermath can be a confusing and stressful process.

With more than 30 years of experience handling personal injury cases, we have answers to many of the questions you may have: Where do I get medical care? How can I prove my injury is someone else’s fault? Can I wait to pay medical bills until after I get compensation? We can guide you through the best course of action following your injury.

You also deserve to know how your case is going. We walk our clients through every step of the process, making sure they understand their situation and what to expect in the future. We want you to recover as quickly as possible, so we handle the bulk of the work while making ourselves available to you whenever you need us.

Don’t Wait to File Your Claim!

According to the California Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1 the statute of limitations for personal injury cases in California is two years. A statute of limitations is the time limit injury victims have to file a claim before they lose their right to recover compensation.

This means in California, you have two years from the date of your injury to file a claim or you will not be able to do so. In some cases statute of limitations can be extended, an attorney from our firm can let you know if you qualify. Contact our firm today to speak to an attorney.

Types of Injury Claims We Handle

When you have been injured in an accident and you are seeking compensation for your suffering, it is within your best interest to file an injury claim with a skilled personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. Our dedicated attorney has experience in multiple types of injury claims, and can help you navigate the negotiations from insurance companies.

Miller Injury Attorneys handles injury claims including, but not limited to the following:

  • Car Accidents: If you have been involved in a car accident, it was most likely due to the fault of a driver who was not paying attention. Common car accidents may be the result of distracted driving, rear end collisions, rollover collisions, side-impact collisions, drunk driving, and many more.

  • Toxic Mold: Mold which develops inside of building can be harmful to one’s health and damage. Symptoms of toxic mold exposure may include flu-like symptoms, headaches, skin rashes, bloody noses, allergies, chest pain, and more.

  • Landlord Disputes: Tenants in Sacramento have the right to seek justice if they have been wrongfully evicted or sustained damages as a result of defective, dangerous, or uninhabitable conditions. An attorney in Sacramento at Miller Injury Attorneys can help you navigate this difficult time by seeking justice for your suffering.

  • Wrongful Death: Losing a loved one is a terrible event, and when your family member passes away due to the negligence of another, this can be traumatizing. You have the right to seek justice and receive compensation on behalf of the deceased by filing a wrongful death claim.

  • Product Liability: When you are injured by a product that you trusted, you may be able to hold a manufacturer responsible for your injuries. Defective products may include medical products, prescription drugs, toxic mold in an apartment, and much more.

Experience the Difference Our Firm Makes

You have many options when it comes to finding a personal injury attorney in Sacramento, but few will have the longstanding experience and client focus that we have.

We know how to handle a broad range of injury claims—some of our more prominent cases have involved:

Attorney John C. Miller began his career defending insurance companies and did so for nearly 15 years before switching focus to personal injury.

Now having advocated for injury victims for over 15 years, he brings unique insight to every personal injury case. This extensive experience often gives our clients a distinct edge in their case.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have suffered an injury due to negligence, you deserve to seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

Our Sacramento injury lawyer at Miller Injury Attorneys will help you obtain maximum financial compensation by completing the following:

  • Battling Insurance Companies using 30 years of experience
  • Seeking out Witness Statements
  • Gathering Evidence from the Scene of the Injury
  • Determining Maximum Case Value

Your first meeting with us will be a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case. This gives you a chance to get a detailed assessment of your claim and determine what steps to take next.

  • Available 24/7
  • Free Consultations
  • No Fees or Costs Unless We Win
  • Over 30 Years of Experience

Our Practice Areas

If You Are a Renter Affected by Toxic Mold,
Taking Legal Action Is Important.

Attorneys at Miller Injury Attorneys have extensive experience representing injured and damaged
plaintiffs in mold cases including schools, homes, apartments, condominiums and commercial buildings.


Our Commitment to Excellence

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  • “Mr. John C. Miller, Jr. is an excellent attorney!”


  • “He referred me to a great doctor and settled my case quickly.”


  • “His law firm is an awesome firm and awesome staff that actually helps you!”

    C. Edwards

  • “I highly recommend John to anyone as he is honest, prepared, knowledgeable and kind.”


  • “He is truly truly and advocate for humanity and people's rights.”

    R. Sophia

  • “Our prayers were answered with John.”


  • “They were like family.”

    Jen S.

  • “Great attorney! Beyond my expectations”

    Amy Gipson

  • “This team was a blessing for me.”

    N. Kepa

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  • “I was referred to excellent medical providers for treatment.”

    Christopher W.

  • “He took our case when other attorneys walked away.”


  • “The lawyers actually care!”

    Chris S.

  • “I am so grateful to have found them.”


  • “Mr. Miller always seemed to be there for me.”

    K. Jones

Our 25-Year Guarantee You will receive a free, no-obligation consultation from an attorney with at least 25 years of personal injury experience. Meet Attorney John Miller

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