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  • Don's Testimonial

    "He took a personal interest in me, not in a business sense, but a general interest in my case."

  • Imani's Testimonial

    "When I sat down and met with John, the first time I met with him, I felt confident. I felt confident that I didn't have anything to worry about. He got me a rental car so I didn't have to worry about a thing."

  • Chris' Testimonial

    "Once I contacted Miller Injury Attorneys, the case turned around 180 degrees. I could tell they knew what they were talking about and I knew they were going to take action and get results."

  • Linda's Testimonial

    "They treated me like family and we still are contact with one another. I was very satisfied and better than I expected."

  • Marlissa's Testimonial

    "Fortunately, the law firm focused on me and they cared for me as if I was the only case they had. I wasn't treated like a case number, I was treated with great care and it made me feel comfortable and confident."

  • Scott's Testimonial

    "They handled everything from start to finish so I didn't have to worry about anything. I was able to receive compensation for my motorcycle accident, even if I had previous injuries from another accident."


What Our Customers are Saying
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  • An office full of wonderful people
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    “Miller injury attorney is an office full of wonderful people that care about your quality of life and the unexpected and unjust grievances that life can bring. John Miller's reputation precedes him with a milestone of many amazing accomplishments in tow. He is truly truly an advocate for humanity and people's rights. Shannon is the "closer". Shannon further checks out your case and then gets on the phone with the point of contact from the other side and in one hour or less, solidifies and finishes a deal. She is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, highly-skilled, caring, talented, capable, focused, communicates clearly, listens amazingly well, and pays great attention to all detail. Shannon goes above and beyond and gets the job done and I for one am incredibly grateful and appreciate her immensely for her outstanding job with my case. Thank you Shannon for all of your help, you have the biggest heart! Thank you Miller Injury attorneys for employing her and having her on board!”


  • Above and beyond.
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    “John Miller and his staff are very professional and helpful. Before I presented my case I was overwhelmed with how to actually go about it and how to find the help I needed. I was fortunate enough to have been directed to the correct spot to handle my case. I spoke with John Miller about it knowing nothing about what to do. John reviewed my case and called me in a timely fashion. Shannon took over my case and called me to let me know. If I had a question or concern I could call and get a quick response. Shannon went above and beyond her job to make sure everything was taken care of. Without Shannon and John, it may have never happened.”

    Stephanie G.

  • I was pleased with the end result.
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    “In December 2019 a Lyft driver just could not wait for me to finish getting into the car and took off prematurely running over my left foot. I suffered tears to a couple of ligaments and tendons. After not receiving any return calls from Lyft I enlisted the help of Miller Injury Attorneys. Rebecca McMartin was the legal assistant who helped me every step of the way. She was always courteous and very professional. She was responsive to all of my questions and concerns and allayed any doubts I had. I was amazed that we were able to settle just after one year of the incident. I know personally injury claims can be extremely lengthy, but this was short and sweet and I was pleased with the end result. I highly recommend this firm and if you are fortunate to be able to work with Rebecca, you are in good hands.”

    Elaine S.

  • I had so many questions, concerns and he answered every one of them promptly and thoroughly.
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    “John Miller is a phenomenal attorney. Mr. Miller went above and beyond what most attorneys do. I had so many questions, concerns and he answered every one of them promptly and thoroughly. I unfortunately was involved in a serious car accident that left me with a lot of medical bills and a ton of stress. When John was assigned to my case he spend endless hours (of his own time) preparing for settlement and then trial. Mr. Miller is very articulate, knowledgeable, kind and dedicated to his clients. I hope to never need a personal injury attorney ever again but if the circumstances ever presented themselves I would want John Miller by my side.”


  • Our prayers were answered with John.
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    “I chose John Miller’s Law firm after deciding from a list of twenty six attorneys. The blk. Mold case he just settled for my wife and I was fast and professional. If you really want a class A attorney, then Miller Law is the one. When you don’t hear from him , he know he is working diligently on your case, If you want excellent results on your case, let the man work! There’s a lot of Law Firms out there, but only one true heavy hitter, and that’s Miller Law. Our prayers were answered with John.”


  • Mr. John C. Miller, Jr. is an excellent attorney!
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    “Mr. John C. Miller, Jr. is an excellent attorney! He helped settle my case in a professional and timely manner. He always responds to emails and phone calls promptly and is very informative and gives good solid representation. I will definitely recommend Miller Law, Inc. to friends and family!”


  • I highly recommend John to anyone as he is honest, prepared, knowledgeable and kind.
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    “John Miller was a Godsend to me through a very difficult time. John was able to negotiate a settlement with two parties and give me the ability to be made "whole". I highly recommend John to anyone as he is honest, prepared, knowledgeable and kind. I believe that John truly cares about his clients and these days that stands out. John puts his clients at ease and I found that his advice during negotiations was in my best interest at all times. I am blessed to have had John as my attorney.”


  • I feel so fortunate that John took my case. I will be forever grateful.
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    “I feel so fortunate that John took my case. I will be forever grateful. I’m a single , working Mom with teenage boys which is stressful enough. We were living in horrible conditions in Redding Ca, landlord did nothing to remedy the issues, instead they retaliated. John was so professional , understanding and kind, We met at mediation about 6 weeks after he took me on as a client, he knew the bigger picture with me wasn’t about money, it was about people being treated Ike they are garbage and don’t deserve to live in a safe environment. John did get more money for us than original quote , but the best part he said he would send a letter to the other tenants and offer to help if they needed it. I can finally sleep at night. I feel like I made a great friend. Thank you so much.”


  • Great attorney! Beyond my expectations
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    “Great attorney! Beyond my expectations”

    Amy Gipson

  • Professional service when you need it most!
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    “Before our first engagement John Miller had the ball rolling. Before I knew what was going on, Miller Accident Attorneys had me moving in the right direction. Before I even thought of the questions to ask, John Miller gave me the information I needed. With a powerhouse like John Miller I felt like I could walk through anything. My family personally wants to thank the Miller team. Your the best! From the Brewer family”

    Aaron Brewer

  • He did as he said he would!!
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    “Mr.Miller was an awesome lawyer. He treated us Like family. He did exactly what he said he would. I would absolutely refer him to someone looking for a lawyer! Thank you Mr. Miller.”

    Jacquetta H.

  • Even at the most discouraging times, they were always there to listen and offer advice.
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    “I have nothing but good things to say about Mr. Miller and his staff. I could not be more satisfied with the outcome of the case that they stood by me with and helped me win. Even at the most discouraging times, they were always there to listen and offer advice, and ensured that I never gave up hope. Thank you to Mr Miller and your wonderful staff! I am so glad that I came to you and your firm to bring a happy ending closure to this case!”

    Shaun C.

  • I am so grateful to have found them.
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    “From my initial phone conversation with Mr. John C Miller, Jr., I knew that my family would be in great hands. Mr. Miller and his staff were very professional, knowledgeable and caring. I am so grateful to have found them. I live in OC and at first I was concerned about the distance, but, he made it work and was able to help me and my family. I would highly recommend Mr. John C. Miller, Jr. and his staff.”


  • He was patient, kind and extremely professional.
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    “Mr. Miller represented me on a mold case against a former landlord, and management company. He was patient, kind and extremely professional. Although my case wasn't one of the biggie gold mine type cases that many attorneys are looking for, he treated me with respect, collegiality and was able to help me get a settlement through mediation that seemed to be the best option for the quagmire of my particular case. One should always hold negative reviews on here in perspective: often people think their cases are slam-dunks, but as we all know, the legal system is overly complex and not as straight-forward as we all would like it to be. Often cases don't turn out as we'd like them to, but I felt that Mr. Miller was above board regarding the overall merits of my case and he tried to be realistic as to the outcome. I would recommend him and/or avail of his services again.”

    Former Client

  • He took our case when other attorneys walked away.
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    “We needed Atty. Miller's help. He took our case when other attorneys walked away. We're very grateful.”


  • I put my trust in John Miller and took all of his advice.
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    “I contacted John Miller for help after trying to negotiate with two parties that had created a nightmare for me in my home purchase. From the very initial contact, John was knowledgeable of the different legal aspects involved. John let me know from the start that this could be a long process to resolve. I appreciated John's honesty and that John made no false promises. John negotiated settlements for me that allowed me to be made "whole". This was something I could never have been able to do on my own. I put my trust in John Miller and took all of his advice. I have also had the opportunity to get to know John and found him to be a very caring man, who wants to help people. I highly recommend him to anyone searching for an attorney to represent them. He was a Godsend to me. Barbara”


  • He referred me to a great doctor and settled my case quickly.
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    “I recently hired Mr. Miller in a bad car accident case. He did exactly what he said he would do to help me. He referred me to a great doctor and settled my case quickly. I just loved the fact that he was always available to answer any questions I had. He is wonderful!”


  • The lawyers actually care!
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    “The lawyers actually care, helping my daughter recover the insurance policy limits for her injuries involving a drunk driver.”

    Chris S.

  • I was referred to excellent medical providers for treatment.
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    “Unsure of the extent of my injuries and the cause of my pain, I was referred to excellent medical providers for treatment.”

    Christopher W.

  • Responsive, caring and confident.
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    “What 3 words? Responsive, caring and confident.”

    Scott M.

  • They were there for me.
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    “They were there for me, guiding me through a difficult time after my auto accident.”

    Marlissa C.

  • They were like family.
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    “They were like family, understanding my concerns and worries.”

    Jen S.

  • Absolutely Terrific!
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    “Mr. Miller was absolutely terrific, settling my difficult fall case quickly and efficiently.”

    Linda O.

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