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How Much Can I Sue a Landlord For Wrongful Eviction?Sacramento tenant and landlord dispute lawyer

The Sacramento tenant rights attorneys of Miller Injury Attorneys represent those who have been wrongfully evicted or sustained damages as a result of defective, dangerous or uninhabitable conditions, including toxic mold in their rental properties.

Headquartered in the Sacramento area, we serve clients throughout the state, providing effective and ethical legal representation which helps our clients achieve the best possible results in a variety of landlord-tenant disputes, including:

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Tenants, Eviction, Unlawful Detainer, Premises Liability

At Miller Injury Attorneys we represent plaintiffs in the landlord-tenant context. Included in this representation are actions for personal injury and property damage arising out of the failure to maintain or repair the leased premises. Our eviction attorneys in Sacramento also represent tenants in eviction and unlawful detainer proceedings that have been filed without proper cause or for improper motives, such as retaliation.

Attorneys Who Know the Law on Poor Housing Conditions

Some apartments and other residential properties are just not fit to live in. Crumbling plaster, leaking windows and roofs, lead-based paint, natural gas leaks, asbestos, carbon monoxide, toxic mold and other poor housing conditions can be hazardous to one’s health. Under the implied warranty of habitability, tenants have the right to live in a leased property that is safe and sanitary. Landlords who provide uninhabitable housing conditions should be held accountable for substandard living situations that put their tenants’ health in jeopardy.

Gaining Perspective: Experience Representing Both Landlords & Tenants

Landlord Tenant Dispute attorneyAt Miller Injury Attorneys, we represent tenants against landlords, holding them accountable for defective and harmful property conditions. As experienced attorneys, we have previously represented landlords and their insurance companies in this very same type of cases. Accordingly, we know how to handle litigation from both perspectives. This helps us develop strong and effective cases.

When cases do go to trial, we are well prepared to handle them. Our Sacramento landlord-tenant dispute lawyers know the arguments the owners / landlords and their insurance companies and management companies will make, before they even make them.

Toxic Mold Litigation

Miller Injury Attorneys emphasizes the representation of tenants injured or displaced in toxic mold lawsuits. Miller Injury Attorneys’ lawyers for landlord tenant disputes have developed a well-known reputation for successful prosecution of such actions and have obtained millions of dollars in settlements and jury verdicts for thousands of individuals affected by toxic mold in their rental properties.

Remedies Available to Tenants

If your landlord breaches the implied warranty of habitability by forcing you to live in defective or harmful property conditions, they may have to reimburse you for some of the rent you paid. In some situations, you may be able to make the necessary repairs and deduct reasonable repair costs from your rent. A landlord can also be liable under a negligence cause of action or a nuisance claim, if the conditions in which you are living substantially affect your use of the property or cause injury or damage.

If your apartment has become severely damaged by conditions including water leaks and/or mold, so as to make it uninhabitable, you may be able to leave the apartment and cancel the lease. In addition, you may be able to recover the following types of damages:

  • Personal injury damages
  • Moving and relocation expenses
  • A refund of some of the rent paid while living in the property
  • The cost of cleaning damaged personal property and / or the value of destroyed belongings

Every situation is different. It is a good idea to talk with a lawyer first about poor housing conditions before taking action.

Get Help Dealing With Your Landlord

Our eviction attorney in Sacramento can hold your landlord responsible for improperly repairing or managing their property. If your issue is so severe that the case needs to go to court, we will not hesitate. We have significant experience taking landlord tenant cases to trial.

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to start fighting back.


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