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What to Expect During Your Case

Let a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer Handle Your Claim

Our nearly 30 years of experience handling personal injury cases has given us a clear and deep understanding of what our clients are experiencing after an accident. We know their concerns, frustrations, and uncertainties.

We also know our client’s immediate needs, including the need for excellent medical care, even if they have no health insurance. Every injured client wants maximum compensation for what they have been through. We effectively address these needs by providing clear, honest, and responsive service. We always keep our clients informed and up to date regarding the status of their cases.

Watch our video to learn about our case handling process.

As the great Albert Einstein once said: “Hail to the man who went through life always helping others and knowing no fear.”

At Miller Injury Attorneys you are not just a case number—you are our client, and every client counts. You get our focused effort to resolve your case for the maximum recovery possible and to assist you in dealing with the stress caused by your accident and injuries. We are here for you.

Get a Consultation with an Actual Attorney

When you call our office, you will speak with an actual attorney regarding your case. We guarantee that everyone will receive a free, no obligation consultation from an attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience.

During the initial phone consultation, our attorney will spend as much time as you wish to fully discuss your case. They will then set a face to face meeting at our office. If for some reason you cannot travel to our office for this meeting, we will gladly send an attorney to your home or other location convenient to you.

What Questions Will Be Asked During the Consultation?

The initial discussions with our experienced attorney will be painless and stress free. They just want to hear about what happened in your particular accident and how you have been affected.

These are the 10 simple questions that will be asked in your initial phone call to our office:

  • What type of accident were you in?
  • When and where was the accident?
  • What information do you have regarding the responsible party?
  • What type of injuries did you sustain?
  • What doctors have you seen so far regarding your injuries?
  • Are you still in pain or discomfort and if so, what area of your body?
  • Do you have medical insurance, if not how were your estimated medical bills paid?
  • If you were in a car accident, do you have automobile insurance?
  • If you were in a car accident, do you have an estimate for the damage to your vehicle?
  • Do you have any photographs of the accident scene or your injuries?

Giving You Peace of Mind

Once you sit down and meet our attorney you will feel the stress wash away. You will be put at ease, and finally be able to relax. You will feel confident. You will be relieved as you transfer your accident related burdens to us, which we will eagerly and gladly take on. That is our job. That is what we do. You are not a burden, you have a burden, which by definition is too heavy to carry on your own.

To accomplish your peace of mind, we reduce stress. We understand that lack of appropriate medical care, rising medical bills, bill collectors, the inability to work to support yourself or your family, the sudden absence of a now damaged vehicle and the insurance company calling you to protect their interests, not yours, causes you extreme stress.

Handling the Insurance Company

Because it is our job to eliminate all this stress so you can get well again, we get to work on your case right away. The first thing we do is let the insurance company and their lawyers know we are on board as your personal injury attorneys. Doing this quickly stops their calls to you so they don’t take advantage of you when you are the most vulnerable. It stops your insurance nightmare and also avoids the risk of you providing the insurance company with information that can be used against you later. Let us take over: we got this.

Your time is valuable. We understand you are in a hurry to get help and get your life back. We understand you don’t have time to gather your medical records and bills, order the police report, and argue with the insurance company and bill collectors. We understand that these things cause added stress. Since we are truly a full service law firm, we handle this all for you.

Ensuring You Understand Your Case

When our personal injury lawyer begins our legal representation, you will know exactly what will happen in your case, from start to finish. We sit down with you and explain everything at the beginning of the case. You completely understand our agreement, our mutual goals and expectations and our proven “roadmap” for success in your particular case. As a result, as your case moves toward a successful resolution, you will be stress free, confident, comfortable, and have no unanswered questions. Best of all there will be no surprises.

Informing You Along the Way

You will not only completely understand the process, from day one you will be kept informed and up to date on your case. This involves both availability and communication. We are available 24/7 for phone calls, answering emails or face to face meetings. We stay in touch and communicate with you. We do so in plain English, not “lawyer talk.” We know this is your one and only case, and how important it is to you. With this in mind, we provide timely, informative and clear responses to client emails, letters, phone calls and other inquiries. We are in this together. We know that, we honor that, and we respect that.

The Three Tracks of a Personal Injury Case

In your personal injury case, you can expect Miller Injury Attorneys to flawlessly execute a proven and successful three step formula geared towards the efficient resolution of your case. This involves three separate, but related “tracks” which all occur all simultaneously:

First, there is the “Medical Track.” Its purpose is to investigate and determine:

  • What happened to you in the accident (your injuries)?
  • What medical treatment was obtained by you so far and what medical treatment is still needed?

The first and most important step in the Medical Track is getting you to the best medical providers for an evaluation and treatment of your accident related injuries. Again, this medical care is provided to you with no upfront costs of any kind, even if you have no health insurance.

The Medical Track ends when you have finished your medical treatment or what we commonly refer to as your “medical journey”.

The second track, is called the “Investigation Track.” It occurs at the same time as the “Medical Track” and we obtain all relevant factual information regarding your specific case including:

  • Documents concerning how the accident happened, including the Traffic Collision Report or other Incident Report.
  • We write the responsible party and their insurance company, letting them know that we are now your lawyers and that they should contact us, not you regarding you case.
  • We hire experts and/or investigators to inspect, measure, photograph and document the scene of the accident, if needed.
  • We contact the doctors who have treated your injuries and obtain copies of your medical records and bills.

The third and final track is the “Written Settlement Demand Letter Track.” This is the last phase in the three part track towards resolution and settlement of your personal injury case. It is triggered when you have completed all of your accident related medical treatment.

What Happens with the "Written Settlement Demand Letter?"

Our firm prepares a detailed written demand letter on your behalf regarding your specific accident. It clearly sets forth your unique and specific injuries and how your accident and injuries have negatively affected your life. We present in detail, your specific case story, fact by fact. Attached to this written “demand letter” are copies of all important documents related to your personal injury case. The demand letter is sent to the insurance company for the responsible party and they are given the customary 15 days to respond.

When we receive the response to our demand letter, we contact you and let you know the initial amount of money being offered to settle your case. Typically, initial settlement offers from insurance companies are lower than what is fair, just, and reasonable. This leads to further settlement negotiations between us and the insurance company on your behalf. You are kept informed of our settlement negotiation progress, each step of the way. Your case will not settle until you receive a fair and just settlement offer that you accept and that compensates you fully for all of your personal injury damages

If your case settles, the settlement is confirmed in writing with the insurance company. Although there are certainly no guarantees and every case is different, the insurance company typically provides our office with a settlement check on your behalf within approximately 14 days. Your case is now over— you have successfully settled your case.

Don’t Go Through This Alone

We can help you get through this, together. Life is full of burdens and trials, but no matter what the hardship you are facing now, never stop there! We help you keep moving forward to get better after your accident and quickly return to your normal, healthy life.

To have a knowledgeable and skilled lawyer help you with your case, call (916) 525-7761 to schedule a free consultation today.

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